Gin Distillery

Podere Castellare

The first “London Dry Gin” created in an Italian winery, specifically designed to produce gin only.

As a tribute to Florence, our label shows an iris, the city’s icon, the petals of which are useful, beside than the rhizomes. As to meeting the London Dry Gin standards, this is a classic gin, yet an innovative one, for using 14 essences, like fresh bergamot and dried lemon zests, rose hips, fresh lavender and rosemary flowers, coriander, bitter almond, and angelica root. All from organic farming, most of them are grown witin the Podere Castellare’s 94 acres, while the other come from local, dedicated small farms. Podere Castellare is our elegant country resort, the distillery is open for visits and tastings.

The exclusive London Dry Gin process require vapour stream distillation, in order to extract only the best, and more perfumed aromatic oils. Peter in Florence is made with a dedicated still, exclusively produced by Green Engineering in Colle Val d’Elsa.
It is a small scale version of the historical Carterhead still, used for some of the best gins in the world. To a vintage 1831 design we added new state-of-the-art technology.
The distillation process, created by Stefano Cicalese master distiller, combines liquid infusion with theThomas Dakinsteam infusion.

Peter in Florence

London Dry Gin

A Tuscan gin, flavoured with local aromatic plants, made with liquid and steam infusions.

A London Dry Gin with his heart in Tuscany, the region of the best juniper in the world, and of the iris root, which we use to bind the water with all our aromas.

When Patrick Hoffer, gin lover and English businessman in Florence, found that out, he resolved to build a distillery dedicated but to this spirit. The first one in Italy, within a classy country resort.
This is the origin of “Peter in Florence”, the name being a tribute to Patrick’s father, a gin’s lover himself.

The location is Podere Castellare, in Pelago, an eco-resort owned by Patrizio Pandolfi, Patricks Hoffer’s friend and business partner.
The more aromatic essences of our gin grow here, around the resort tha matches tradition, modern design and Tuscan flavours.

The area boasts the longest tradition in both growing medicinal plants and producing gin: the Vallombrosa Abbey’s herbalists have been growing medicinal and aromatic herbs from 1400 to 1800, and still today they use the same formulas and maceration process for the juniper berries.


to the distillery, and let yourself be charmed by our gin’s elegance

Peter in Florence

Podere Castellare
via Case Sparse 12, Loc. Diacceto (Pelago)
tel. 338 9292296